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Canopy Awnings


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Canopy Awnings are a fabric covering applied to a skeletal frame that can be installed over windows, doors and walkways to provide excellent protection from the sun and rain. With a huge range of fabric colours, styles and designs, you will be sure to find a fabric to complement you home or business décor.

Our Duraguard™ protected fabrics are mildew and mold resistant and UV stabilised. When stain causing agents like water, dust, etc come into contact with the treated fabric, the water forms beads on the surface and simply rolls off the fabric.

All components used in canopy awnings are designed to be long lasting and low maintenance. These components are made from rust free extruded and die – cast aluminium and the plastic components contain ultra violet radiation stabilised polymers, making them the perfect solution for the harsh Australian climate.

Motorisation available? No.

Decor & Styling

Stand out from the crowd.
Add some traditional charm to your home or business with canopy awnings.

Suggested applications

Windows, doors and walkways –  for the home or business, canopy awnings provide excellent shade and rain protection without obstructing the view in or out.

Commercial use – Burns for Blinds can provide a commercial grade fitouts, to withstand the rigours of heavy duty daily use.

Key benefits & features

Key benefits:

  • Provides shade and rain protection
  • Enhance the look and feel of your home or business

Key features:

  • Available in a huge range of fabric colours, styles and designs
  • Duraguard™ protected fabrics are mildew and mold resistant and UV stabilised
  • Long lasting and low maintenance



  • Custom made to order
  • Maximum width:
  • Maximum drop:
  • Warranty:

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