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Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Make a fashion statement in any room of your home or office with Burns for Blinds aluminium venetian blinds – available in a wide range of colours and three stunning styles.

High quality, long lasting and easy to maintain, aluminium venetians will continue to look pristine year after year.

Our aluminium venetians provide the very best in privacy control and allow you to sit back and enjoy your views.

Choose from manual operation (traditional wand and cord options), to the ease of automatic motorised control – ask us about the alternatives.

Motorisation available? Yes, read more.

Decor & Styling

Streamlined and sleek.
Tailored to suit modern and contemporary, older and historical, vacation and rental homes. Office and commercial premises.

Suggested applications

Light flow and privacy – venetian blinds are perfect for controlling the angle of the sunlight entering any room. If privacy is a concern, it's a sinch to angle the blinds so you can see out – but others can’t see in.

Bathrooms and kitchens – aluminium blades won’t rust or discolour making them hardy enough to withstand the steam in moisture prone rooms. For another great option in wet areas, check out our Woodmates® Collection.

Large living areas – aluminium venetians offer great value for money if you’re covering a lot of windows in a large space. With a wide varaiety of colours available, aluminium venetians can easily be tailored to suit your taste and complement the existing décor. 

Small spaces and home offices – study nooks, sitting rooms, glass doors and walkways. Think slim for a small space and the slimline blade widths of aluminium venetians are perfect. Functional, economical and practical but not without a pop of fun when choosing from the wide range of colours available.

Key benefits & features

Key benefits:

  • Easily control light flow – shade, heat and glare
  • Maximises privacy – you can see out, but no one can see in!
  • Easy to clean and maintain 
  • Cost efficient
  • Stylish look to enhance the aesthetic beauty of your home

Key features:

  • Available in three widths – micro, slimline and classic
  • Extensive colour range with colour-coordinated head and bottom rails
  • Aluminium blades won’t rust or discolour
  • Child-friendly safety cleat


  • Custom made to order
  • Available in 25mm blade depth
    • Maximum width: 3700mm
    • Maximum drop: 3700mm
  • Available in 50mm blade depth
    • Maximum width: 3700mm
    • Maximum drop: 3700mm
  • Warranty: 3 years

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