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Roller shutters

Do you want to keep out the sun's heat, minimise outside noise and keep stray cricket balls at bay? Heroal roller shutters, offered by Burns for Blinds, are your window solution.

Whether you have a home or shopfront, Heroal roller shutters enable you to protect your premises against intruders, stray objects and the elements while offering complete privacy.

Creating a completely sleek look with a flush fitting against your wall, Heroal roller shutters neatly roll into a compact head box when open.

Heroal roller shutters provide the benefits of blinds and awnings with the added benefit of security, while enjoying softly filtered light in your room.

There is a colour to suit your home or commercial premises, with a look that will add character and style to your facade.

Motorisation available? Yes, read more.

Decor & Styling

Ultimate in safety and security.
Burns for Blinds Heroal roller shutters are the ultimate in safety and security for your home and family.

Suggested applications

Light Control – with Heroal roller shutters, light and ventilation can be adjusted to create your desired atmosphere. Roller shutters are quickly becoming a household favourite for home theatres to create that true cinema experience. Roller shutters provide 100% light blockout also making them great for bedrooms. Roller shutters prevent the sunlight from fading carpets and interior furnishings as well as acting as a long-term protection for window frames.

Temperature control – if you live in a region that is cold in the winter, heating costs can take a big bite out of your monthly budget. Roller shutters have thermal insulation properties that can retain the warmth during the colder winter months and reduce the summer heat as well.

Security – Burns for Blinds Heroal roller shutters provide a superior defense against burglary and an effective deterrent against vandalism.

Noise protection – live on a busy road? Like to sleep in? Independent laboratory tests have demonstrated that roller shutters can drastically reduce noise transmission through a window opening.

Bushfire protection – live in the hills? Roller shutters provide protection for your windows from the radiant heat of bushfires. Roller shutters also help prevent damage from bushfires by creating a barrier from flying debris. 

Weather protection – Heroal roller shutters have been specifically designed not to rattle during high winds, hail and driving rain.

Key benefits & features

Key benefits:

  • Easy-to-use, maintain and clean
  • Offers complete privacy
  • Protection against heat, cold, noise and intruders
  • Protection against bushfire dangers
  • Suitable for home or commercial premises

 Key features:

  • Durable powder-coated finish protects against beachside salt damage
  • Fitted flush against your wall for a sleek finish
  • Range of colours to suit your property's facade


  • Custom made to order
  • Maximum width: 3500mm
  • Maximum drop: 3000mm
  • Warranty: 10 years

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