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Tips for buying blinds

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Should price play a factor in my decision when buying blinds?

Almost always a factor, price will sometimes lead you to a product that will cost you more grief than whatever you may have saved in dollars. Let’s look at the options. One of...  Read more

What style of blind will suit my room?

Great question! It would not look appropriate to install say verticals in a beautiful old Victorian home. You will also want to consider what the blinds will look like from the outside of...  Read more

How crucial is the energy efficiency of my windows?

If you have a east/ west facing window you will want to keep the hot weather out, southerly facing windows will require insulation as these windows rarely receive sunshine; but experience the wind...  Read more

What blind should I choose if I have privacy concerns?

Only three meters between you and your neighbors? Opposite a busy road? Apartment? Town House? Try one of the products listed below: Sunscreen Blinds Whilst in the lowered (closed) position, this product offers...  Read more

What if my window is getting a lot of sun at certain times of the day? What blind will help?

Plentiful lighting in a room is excellent, at the right time of day. But if I was trying to sleep in on Saturday or watch a football game on the big screen TV...  Read more

I have a great view. How can I maximise this but still decrease glare or improve privacy?

This is a really popular question. You probably didn't put that large picture window or sliding glass door in your home just to cover it up, right? Let take a look at some...  Read more

What sort of blind should I use in a really humid or wet room?

Bathrooms are always an issue when it comes to humidity, especially if there is a shower and the bathroom is lacking an exhaust vent. Maybe it's a damp garage or basement? Sun Room...  Read more

What blinds will stand up well to the hot Australian sun?

Most products today fight the elements like harsh sunlight well and offer years of trouble free service. Internal soft products should be polyester not a blend as in poly/cotton, or vinyl, or plastic...  Read more

What sort of blind will stand up to potential mistreatment like a kids play area or a rental property or holiday home?

OK, generally rental units and kids play areas should be considered two different topics. But not when it comes to blinds. I've seen many "How in the world did that happen?" situations. Kids...  Read more

Why install blinds?

Are you tired of the old curtains that you’ve had up for years? Are you looking for a refreshing alternative to your window treatments? Maybe its time you consider installing blinds into your...  Read more

Protect Your Greatest Investment With Roller Shutters

When it comes to your home and business security so many Australians are doing the bare minimum. With 1 in 40 Australian residents being the victim of home invasion every year, this is...  Read more

Here's why Australian home owners are going crazy over Plantation shutters

If you’re looking for an interior design aspect that will completely transform the look and feel of your Adelaide home, plantation shutters are your answer.Perfect for a range of interior and exterior applications,...  Read more


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