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Plantation Shutters

Our timber window coverings will create a stunning finishing touch to your Adelaide home.

No matter where they are installed, they offer class, character and practicality, and give you the natural warmth of wood in your favourite room.

Our designs will allow you to enjoy the view while also providing greater airflow throughout your home. We have an opening system to suit any kind of area – even where space is limited.

We provide free quotes to all suburbs across Adelaide so get in contact with us to arrange an in-home consultation.


Motorisation available? No.

Decor & Styling

A stunning finishing touch to your Adelaide home.
Tailored to suit older and historical, traditional and country style homes.

Suggested applications

Windows or doors – Plantation indoor shutters are suitable for any room where you want complete control over the amount of light, heat and air that enters the room.

Hinged – ideal for small to medium windows, with easy access to doors and windows.

Hinged bi-fold & track bi-fold – allows your shutters to neatly fold back against each other. For wider openings, consider a hinged bi-fold option with a tracking system for even more efficiency.

Sliding – slimline sliding door option with discreet tracks that give you maximum space in your room.

Key benefits & features

Key benefits of Plantation shutters:

  • Basswood timber is sturdy and strong
  • Highly resistant to warping from heat or water
  • Has a uniform, smooth finish
  • Easily control the amount of light, heat and air entering a room 

Key features of plantation shutters:

  • Wide slats for greater views and improved airflow
  • Smooth and quiet tilt adjustment


  1. Longevity: Unlike fabric alternatives, they won’t deteriorate or fade from exposure to UV light. The material is strong and durable, retaining the same colour for decades.
  2. Also, because they are always in style, you will only ever need to buy them once. This saves you money you would otherwise spend updating a fabric blinds or curtains.
  3. Easy cleaning: Cleaning is super easy. All you need is a damp cloth and a duster and you’ll have them looking good as new in no time.
  4. You’ll save the money and effort you would otherwise spend washing and rehanging curtains or drapes.
  5. Fit comfortably: Our custom made options will fit snugly into any frame or between support beams. You won’t need any additional supporting hardware that covers up the wall space.
  6. With this snug fit, you will have even greater control on the amount of light you let inside your home. Being able to direct light away from your furnishings also helps to protect them from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  7. Also, because of their thickness, they provide great privacy and reduce the amount of noise from outdoors.
  8. Added security: Our thick and sturdy timber plantation shutters add an extra layer of protection to your home that will hamper entry attempts by trespassers.
  9. Save on energy bills: With a snug fit, you will have better temperature control in your home, meaning lower energy bills in extreme weather.
  10. Value adding: As they are classified as a permanent attachment, they will add to the resale value of your property. New homebuyers especially love the stylish function of these window coverings.
  11. Wide variety of styles: Unlike boring old curtains and drapes, plantation shutters come in lots of different styles that differ in their opening mechanism and design.
  12. Custom made to order: After we’ve measured your space, we custom make to order so that you can be sure that they’ll fit snugly in your home.


  • Custom made to order
  • Warranty

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