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Timber Venetian Blinds

If you are looking for a more natural, softer look for your home, our timber venetians could be the decorating solution you are after.

The Burns for Blinds timber venetian range offers all the benefits of this style of blinds with the class and warmth of natural timber.

We offer a selection of wood tones – from North American Cedar to coloured paint finishes.

Ask us about traditional fabric tapes that block light coming through cord holes and add style and texture to your venetians.

We service all suburbs across Adelaide, so contact us today for a FREE measure and quote on our custom timber venetians.

Motorisation available? No.

Decor & Styling

Warm, charming and economical.
Tailored to suit contemporary, traditional, older and historical, country style, vacation and rental homes.

Suggested applications

Light flow and privacy – Timber venetians are perfect for controlling the angle of the sunlight entering any room. If privacy is a concern, it's easy to angle the blinds so you can see out – but others can’t see in.

Bedrooms – The soft, natural look of wood is a winner in the bedroom. Enjoy the lovely rays of the sun during the day, but pull a cord for instant privacy with our timber venetians. If your bedroom receives a lot of sun, timber venetians are perfect for blocking out light and absorbing the heat so hot air doesn’t get trapped in the room.

Home offices and sitting rooms – The cosy feeling of wood brings charm, warmth and understated good looks to smaller rooms. They are perfect for home offices where you will enjoy the high level of light and temperature control to suit how you like to work.

Key benefits & features

Key benefits:

  • Easily control light flow – shade, heat and glare
  • Maximises privacy – you can see out, but no one can see in!
  • Easy to clean and maintain 
  • Cost efficient
  • Stylish look to enhance the aesthetic beauty of your home

Key features:

  • Available in two widths – 50mm, 63mm
  • Extensive wood range available (from North American Cedar to coloured paint finishes)
  • Colour-coordinated head and bottom rails
  • Fabric tapes option – gives a decorative element, whilst covering rout holes when closed to provide great light control and privacy
  • Child-friendly safety cleat


Energy efficiency – Wood acts as a natural insulator, so having wooden blinds means you’ll create a natural barrier of insulation between it and the interior of the room. In summer it helps to keep the hot air outside, and works similarly with cold air in winter. This means you’ll end up using your air conditioner less often which leads to greater energy savings on your next power bill. This also means your home will have less of a carbon footprint, as you end up drawing less electricity from the main power grid.

Sound reduction – Because of their insulating properties, timber venetians also work as a sound buffer. This is useful if you live on a noisy street or next to noisy places like an airport or train station.

Fits into any décor – Wood window coverings look great in their natural state. The wood grain gives your décor a classic and inviting feel. The wood can easily be stained to match other wooden elements around the room such as your furniture, trim and floor. The slats can also be painted over with a colour finish, making altering the design easy. You can either paint them to blend more with the walls or to make them pop out from the window frame.


  • Custom made to order
  • Maximum width: 2400mm
  • Maximum drop: 2600mm
  • Warranty: 3 years

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