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Outdoor awnings & blinds

We supply top quality outdoor awnings and blinds in Adelaide at fantastic prices.

Choose from a beautiful selection of modern and contemporary awnings and blinds with a diverse range of style and fabrics.

Once you have made a selection, you can have your new outdoor awnings or blinds manufactured to the highest standard and then installed with care. 

When it comes to browsing the widest selection of custom made Ziptrak® blinds, roller shutters and outdoor awnings, you can't go past Burns for Blinds in Adelaide. 

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What to consider when browsing

Intended Usage 

Understanding and determining your intention and intended use will go a long way in your search for the right outdoor blinds/awnings. 

Are you trying to protect precious furnishings when they’re not being used? 

Are you looking for furthering your security and privacy for your exterior? 

Are you simply wishing to complement an established aesthetic you’ve set for your home’s exterior?

Determining their purpose is the first step of your browsing journey and filtering through our range. Some variants are better suited for privacy reasons, and others are more weather resistant and sturdy – if you’re unsure of which type will suit your needs best, we can always lend our recommendations.


If you’re looking to utilise your exterior space throughout the whole year, it helps to keep this in mind when browsing through. After all, you’ll want to install protective measures from the harsher UV rays in summer while in winter you’ll want more shelter from wind and rain.

Luckily, our range of outdoor blinds and awnings are quite flexible and adaptable to changing climates, so oftentimes it will come down to aesthetics and operation. 

For instance, if you plan to use your exterior space most of the year, then you may want to consider retractable or folding outdoor awnings that allow you to alter the angle and level of exposure. The simple operation and climate-flexibility allow you to have complete control of exposure levels, regardless of the time of year. 

If you plan to use your outdoor space most of the year, then you might be better off with retractable or folding awnings that allow you to alter the amount of coverage they have.

Ease of use 

If you like to enjoy some fresh air and a relaxing break on the patio or veranda throughout the day, then it’s likely you’ll want a simple and cost-effective way of adjusting the amount of exposure and coverage you get from your outdoor awnings or blinds. 

While the pulley and cord systems that are stock standard on a majority of outdoor awnings and blinds are simple enough to operate, you can go a step further by splurging on motorisation options. Available on certain builds and styles we offer, implementing motorisation adds an extra layer of convenience and simplicity – simply press the button and adjust to your liking. 

Type of material 

The choice of fabric/material should also play a large role in determining and guiding your browsing in conjunction with style and climatic considerations. We all know that a PVC option will give you strong protection against wind and rain without compromising on the amount of natural light. While clearer options will ultimately provide more of a viewing experience but at the slight detriment to overall privacy. 

We offer a diverse range of colours and shimmers with most of our outdoor blinds and awnings to give you the bespoke overall aesthetic you’re chasing. 

The type of material you choose will also impact the pricing; everyone has their budgets which is why we’re more than happy to walk you through the various options available to you in your price range. 

Luckily, we have lucrative contracts with some of the best suppliers of outdoor blinds and awnings that allow us to offer the best competitive prices for the same high-quality materials, styles, and builds you expect.

Energy use 

Outdoor awnings and blinds can be momentously helpful with respects to energy efficiency and insulation. This is particularly present in the warmer summer months where certain outdoor awnings and blinds are able to block a considerable amount of sunlight and UV exposure from heating your home.  

This works the other way in terms of insulation in the colder months as well. Naturally insulating materials can serve to cut your energy bills by simply keeping the wind out and the warmth in, making those cool winter mornings on the balcony all the more comfortable. 


Speaking of style, the sheer range of outdoor blinds and awnings we have will suit essentially any type of look you are going for without losing any of the practicality. From traditional Café Style Ziptrak® Outdoor Blinds to bolder and more dynamic Alpha Varieties. For more security-conscious homeowners, there are always our reliable range of Roller Shutters that provide privacy and security along with signature style. 

 When browsing through our collection of outdoor blinds and outdoor awnings, it can be helpful to have a colour palate in mind, or even an intended goal for the overall aesthetic. We can always assist you in determining the optimal path if you’re still on the fence. 

Why Us?

The team at Burns for Blinds have been providing top-tier quality coverings for years. We’re passionate about providing bespoke enhancements for homes and businesses and providing a service that clients always come back to. We have the best deals from respected suppliers at the best prices – in short, we offer a superior experience, every time. 

If you need any help or have queries and questions about any of our products, please don’t hesitate to call or contact us with any questions you might have.

Feel free to drop into one of our showrooms at Norwood, Gepps Cross, Seacombe Gardens, or Mt Barker to see our range and speak to a professional in person.

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