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Veri Shades

Our extensive range of Veri Shades represent a new, trendsetting, and contemporary take on classic window coverings. They represent a brand-new concept in the realm of interior design.

Combining the versatility of a vertical blind with the elegant appeal of a soft and cushioned set of drapes. They provide the perfect balance of style and functionality and are making waves all around the world for their versatile and customisable nature.

Veri Shades feature alternating opacity fabric folds: light filtering when opened or room darkening when closed. With a fantastic range of colours to suit any décor, our Veri Shades come complete with the premium Helix Vertical track system to complement our soft yet durable fabrics.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, our operating systems offers premium hardware for the ultimate performance and smoothest possible control. Our innovative system can be easily operated with one hand.

Our Veri shades are available in 4 colours: white, anodized, gunmetal and black, the simple choices make tremendously decadent impacts, we always encourage our clients to experiment with the different shades on offer, there’s never a wrong turn with Veri shades.

Choices for fabrics have been carefully made to ensure we provide a modern yet timeless solution to complement in trend colours and for both soft neutral decors as well strong tones inspired by modern interior designs.

Our fabrics are 100% Polyester woven. They are dirt resistant, fade resistant, and UV Stabilized offering an Ultraviolet Protection factor of 50+. We’ve never compromised on quality; our standards have been the same since the very first sale and

Burns for Blinds Veri Shades also have a variety of stacking options enabling a high level of functionality for most room layouts. We have left stacking options, right stacking options and also a center split stacking option making Burns for Blinds Veri Shades perfect solution for both window and sliding door applications.

They’re effortlessly caught between both styles of window/door décor, effectively revolutionising the definitions of both. We’ve seen corporate environments adopt a much warmer, yet professional aesthetic as a result of Veri blinds. The bold shades available allows for limitless customisation of any interior environment.

For stylish and custom made Veri Shades across Adelaide and surrounding suburbs, please complete the form on your right or call one of our friendly staff today on 08 8131 3333!

Decor & Styling

Highly versatile.

Veri Shades are tailored to suit modern, traditional, older, and historical, country style, vacation and rental homes, office and commercial premises. Their featherweight design also allows you to easily waltz through them whether they’re open or closed.

Incredibly Functional.

They are built for superior functionality and impeccable aesthetic. The single railing system alone is worth the price of admission. A simple twist of the patented wand or pull of the cord control will immediately reveal the true utility of our selection of Veri Shades.

Very Affordable.

Many of our customers worry about the cost of Veri shades. Luckily, they’re on par with most of your standard window furnishings, and infinitely more stylish. Being cost-effective is not about the installation after all, it’s about longevity. The inclusion of them in your interior adds immense amounts of aesthetic appeal and will make a dramatic impact if you’re looking to sell or rent your home.

Suggested applications

Veri Shades can be manufactured for spans up to 5950mm, making them a fantastic solution for applications with wide windows that would generally need multiple traditional blinds. Elegantly stretched or comfortably tight, there’s no wrong turn for them.

Veri Shades are also a great solution for sliding doors. As a premium alternative to vertical blinds, they offer the additional advantage of no chains or weights with the same stacking benefits. Plus, they’re literally a breeze to walk through.

Brightening the office with a set is also a recommended upgrade. Seeing as more office and corporate environments are switching to more open plans. The notion of being able to facilitate a little privacy for the office with a softer and more accessible feel has never been easier.

Key benefits & features

Key benefits :

  • Easy-to-use, maintain and clean
  • Can be utilised as a light filtering solution and blockout to eliminate sunlight
  • Provide privacy
  • Stylish look to enhance the aesthetic beauty of your house
  • Easily cared for and serviceable if required.

Key features :

  • Cord and wand control
  • Colour co-ordinated accessories
  • Dirt resistant
  • Fade resistant
  • UV stabilised
  • Each fabric vein can be individually replaced


  • Custom made to order
  • Maximum width: 5950*
  • Maximum drop: 3600mm*
  • Warranty: 3 years

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