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Cellular blinds

The sleek and unique honeycomb shape of our cellular blinds will help to insulate your room all year round, whilst providing a soft, subtle glow.

Cellular blinds have a clean design without visible seams or joints to detract from their streamlined style, plus the blind retracts neatly into the rail when fully raised.

With a fine textured fabric, cellular blinds won't sag or lose shape and are surprisingly easy to clean with a quick occasional vacuum to remove dust and damp sponge for stain removal.

Our cellular blinds are available in an exciting range of colours with a colour co-ordinated rail to complete the look.

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Motorisation available? Yes, read more.

Decor & Styling

Sleek and stylish.
Our products are tailored to suit modern, traditional, country style, vacation and rental homes as well as offices and commercial premises

Clean and sleek with no visible seams or joints – the neutral simplicity will suit many a wide variety of homes and interior styles.

Suggested applications

Keep the cold out in winter & the heat out in summer – Cellular blinds are incredibly energy efficient, trapping energized air in their cell pockets and preventing it from cycling into the internal room temperature. No rout holes in the fabric means the solid fabric face blocks out all direct sunlight. This means you can reduce your energy bills significantly as you won’t need to use air conditioning as often since your home will be at a nice even temperature more of the time.

Top down bottom up – This optional, but highly recommended feature, allows you to raise and lower the blind from both the bottom and the top – just enough to have a view outside yet still maintain privacy. Great for (but not limited to!) two storey homes and high rise living. This allows you to more freely enjoy your home as you know you will have the perfect level of light control and privacy.

Total privacy – Cellular blinds provide a lovely soft glow of light to any room, whilst providing 100% privacy.

Room darkening and blockout – You can reduce the effects of the sun even more with specific blockout fabrics. This special type of fabric works to reduce the severity of the UV rays entering your home. UV rays from the sun can cause the colour of your furnishings to fade, so a blockout fabric is ideal for preserving your interior items for longer.


Key benefits & features

Key benefits & features 

Key benefits:

  • Easy-to-use, maintain and clean
  • One of the best options for insulation from heat and cold
  • Improves household energy efficiency
  • Provides privacy

Key features:

  • No visible seams or joints
  • Modern range of fabric colours
  • Cord lock system to hold blind in any position
  • Anti-static fabric repels dust and dirt
  • Incredibly strong and durable
  • 'Top down bottom up' option allows outdoor viewing whilst maintaining privacy


Greater light control – The number of cells, fabric and colour determines how much light is allowed to enter a room. Choosing a lighter colour means some light will be allowed to gently enter the room while a darker choice will create a blockout effect. Depending on the direction of your windows in relation to the sun, you can achieve a high degree of light control than enables you to quickly change the mood of a room.

Flexible styling options – Our range of cellular blinds come in a huge range of colours and patterns that suit any kind of interior theme. They are more stylish than regular window coverings as they allow you to open them from the top down or the bottom up.




  • Custom made to order
  • Maximum width: 4060mm*
  • Maximum drop: 3600mm*
  • Warranty: 3 years

*Depending on fabrics, operating systems, total square metres.

How do they work?

Cellular blinds consist of several layers of fabric that are connected at the pleats to create cells or compartments. These cells distinguish these window coverings from regular slats and their structure is what makes this option superior to others for a range of benefits.

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