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Here’s Why Motorised Blinds Will Provide you With The Ultimate Comfort and Convenience

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Curtains and blinds add a subtle flair to any home’s interior. They can make a space more cozy, warm and welcoming. However, sometimes it would be nice if they just opened and closed themselves. Imagine having blinds that opened in the morning with the push of a button. Well, luckily for you, Burns for Blinds has the perfect solution.

At Burns for Blinds, we have been the proud suppliers of Somfy Sonesse 30, a game-changing motorised battery system that makes opening and closing blinds as easy as clicking a button. Motorised blinds may seem like a small addition to your home, but we guarantee that they will provide you with the ultimate in comfort and convenience. Keep reading to discover how:

First of All, How Do Motorised Blinds Work?

The Somfy Sonesse 30 is a wire-free motor with a built-in, rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This battery offers a convenient and quietly motorised solution for your interior and exterior window furnishings as well as your homes roller shutters. The beauty of this product is that there is no electrician required, making it a fantastic choice for applications where chasing wires down the wall are simply not practical.

At Burns for Blinds, we have been supplying these motorised blind solutions to our customers for years! Whether you’re looking to add it to your existing blind system or you’re starting fresh, we’ve got you covered!

Benefits of A Motorised Blind System


Nothing says style like a modern motorised blind or curtain system. Not only will you add simplicity and convenience to your life, but you also have the ability to create a room with a modern and stylish presence, impressing even the harshest critics. With an extensive range of colours on offer, our team can work with you to create an entirely new blind solution that will work with the aesthetic of your home.

Add Value To Your Adelaide Home

With the Adelaide real estate market only becoming harsher, if you’re selling your home, you’ll want to ensure that your home is going to impress buyers.

Buyers look for convenience when purchasing a home, and motorised blinds are not only convenient but also luxurious, adding immediate value to your property.


You may be thinking because these systems are motorised, they would require hiring an electrician to install, right? Wrong! The innovative Somfy Sonesse 30 products are battery operated meaning that there is no need for an electrician to install. The wireless system makes it perfect for those areas of the home where running a wire down the wall is simply not practical.

Comfort and Convenience

Overall, this excellent invention offers the ultimate in convenience and comfort to any home. Never worry about having to get up to open and close your blinds again, simply push a button!

This system also comes with adjustable speed control for customised performance.

Contact Us Today!

If you’re looking to enhance your lifestyle, motorised blinds from Burns for Blinds are the perfect place to start. Be sure to visit us at one of our three Adelaide showrooms, or call to organise your free measure and quote!


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