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6 major benefits of adding roller blinds to your home

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You might have just moved home or maybe you’re deciding to spruce up your indoor area when entertaining guests. If this is you, roller blinds could be just the thing you need to add a bit of class and modernity to your home. Let’s take a look at the top reasons why this type of light control solution could be central in impressing your next set of house guests!

1: They add class

Roller blinds can add class and sophistication to the aesthetic of your home. Instead of using regular, boring shutters, which sometimes do not fit properly against your window frame, why not consider installing some roller blinds? They fit closely to your window and are not hampered by excess fabric, which can be a pain to clean and maintain because they hold dust and grime.

2: There is great variety

They also come in a huge array of colours, fabrics and styles. From translucent fabrics to block fabrics; you can pick any style you want. This is great for those individuals who are very style savvy. Indeed, you can pick a fabric or pattern that fits in perfectly with the aesthetic and vibe of your home.  Want to go with something postmodern? Pick a simple, block colour to adjust perfectly to your home. Prefer a traditional look? Find a style that is a bit more rich, vivid or colourful, so that it matches the tones of your décor.

3: They block the sun

Living in Australia, we all know that the glare of the sun on a hot summer’s day can be frustrating. Imagine not being able to relax and read a book because the glare of the sun is radiating through your windows, determined to annoy you.

With roller blinds, you can purchase specifically designed sunscreen fabrics that let sunlight through, while screening out the harsh glare. This is perfect if you live by a beach or river and can’t stand the harsh glare radiating off the water.

4: They help with privacy

If you want to enhance your home’s privacy, roller blinds can be incredibly helpful in ensuring that strangers can’t see into your home from the street. In this situation, a block out fabric will guarantee complete darkness, which could be great for those with light sensitivity issues. Block out fabrics can also help reduce humidity and maintain the coolness of your home throughout the scorching summer months.

5: They are flexible

They are also easy to install and incredibly flexible. Think about the many fabrics they can be fitted with and their many uses: block the sun, maintain privacy and help cool your home. Moreover, you can install a dual setup, which can be fitted with both a sun screen and block fabric, meaning that you can maintain your home’s privacy and block the sun’s rays, all with the same window furnishing!

6: They are long-lasting

When purchasing roller blinds, you get peace of mind knowing that you’ve made a long-lasting, worthwhile investment. Our high quality selections make it easy to pick something that will look and function beautifully for many years to come.

If you have any questions about or are interested in ordering your own set of roller blinds don’t hesitate to contact us or Book a FREE measure and quote online so we can help you find the perfect fit and finish for your home.


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