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How Ziptrak café blinds will transform your outdoor living space

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There are few things better than jumping into your alfresco area and soaking up the Sunday sun, enjoying a morning coffee or hosting a barbeque with your family and friends.

Outdoor entertaining has always been embraced by Australians, which aligns well with our desire for open space and the seamless transition of entertainment areas to flow from indoors to outdoors. Open-space planning has been a key trend in home design over the past few decades, with the alfresco area being an increasingly strong influence on whether home buyers will be swayed towards a design.

Because of this fact, there are plenty of great opportunities to enhance outdoor entertaining areas with Ziptrak blinds. When installed, they allow you to maximise the use of your space all-year-round while also having eco-friendly qualities that add value to your property and reduce the cost of running your home.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why these particular window coverings are such a great addition to your home.

Protection from harsh weather conditions

Installation of café blinds will help control your exposure to the elements.  Our adjustable window coverings are low maintenance and will ensure you are wet-weather safe, shielded from chilly evening winds, protected from UV rays. They are well-suited to the Adelaide climate. The Shadeview and Clear PVC Ziptrak blinds will improve your outdoor entertaining area’s comfort and usability 365 days a year.

Increase the versatility of your outdoor space

Since they will protect your outdoor living space from the harshest elements, you have the opportunity to capitalise on their versatility no matter the climate. In addition, they seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor areas.

Create a bright and inviting entertaining area

You can turn your alfresco into a bright and inviting living space with café blinds. Their strong, floor-length verticals add scale to the space and help create the illusion of the ceiling being taller. This helps to maximise the perceived size of the space which, if you plan to sell, looks very good to prospective homebuyers.

Additionally, our Shadeview and Clear PVC blinds will add texture to the space, allowing your design elements to really pop. The matte Shadeview absorbs light, whereas the Clear PVC has a reflective sheen. Therefore, through the interplay of natural light pouring into the outdoor space, the room will seem a lot brighter and more inviting.

Energy efficient

Not only do café blinds protect your alfresco from the elements, they add a layer of insulation to your home. This helps to reduce the level of hot and cold air lost from your home, which translates into a decreased demand for air conditioning and savings on power usage. It also aligns well with the progressive push toward eco-friendly, sustainable homes.

Add value to your property

Ziptrak blinds are a cost-effective investment piece to showcase the appeal of an outdoor lifestyle that caters to year round entertaining. Rather than renovate an entire section of your house, upgrading your alfresco area with this type of window furnishing will boost your property’s value, and when looking to sell, attract potential buyers.

If you have any inquiries regarding our window furnishing options don’t hesitate to contact us or Book a FREE measure and quote online so we can help you find the perfect fit and finish for your home.


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