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How to Create the Ideal Outdoor Entertainment Space This Summer

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Summer is almost here! Which means much more time spent outdoors! As the year draws nearer to a close, there will be many more opportunities to use your backyard and outdoor entertainment areas. With a little bit of creativity and time, you can help turn an ordinary outdoor entertainment area into an amazing one. Let’s take a look at the ways in which you can perfect your outdoor space this summer.

Invest in some shade

The Australian summer can be notoriously harsh and in order to offset the increase in heat and harmful UV rays, you’ll need a decent supply of shade. One of the best ways to ensure you have plenty of shade for your guests is to invest in a hard structure. Outdoor structures such as gazebos or pergolas can help to create an ‘outdoor room’ feel. They ensure there is plenty of cover and shade for your guests, guaranteeing constant outdoor comfort.

At Burns for Blinds we offer custom Gazebo design that can meet your exact shade needs and can come in either free standing or attached options. Our clear Ziptrack cafe blinds are also a great option for both setting the boundaries of your outdoor entertaining area and providing an unobtrusive shade solution.

Ensure you have plenty of green

When designing your outdoor entertainment spaces consider your plant and vegetation options.

Plants can help to bring colour and life to an otherwise dull space, while also providing privacy and degree of shade. In order to make your outdoor entrainment area really special, invest in a variety of plants to create a more visually interesting and comfortable environment.

Use furniture wisely

Outdoor furniture has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. Using outdoor furniture pieces wisely can turn a mediocre outdoor space into a great one. There are a variety of sofas, love seats, ottomans and tables to choose from that have been designed to withstand the Australian outdoors.

Investing in some of these pieces for your outdoor area can help create an extension of your living room. It makes spending time outside much more comfortable and means you can entertain more guests without compromising on the function of the space.

Blend indoor and outdoor living with a verandah

Verandahs can be an unmatched asset when entertaining outdoors as they help to blend indoor comfort with outdoor living. Verandahs and patios create the ideal outdoor dining area by providing enough cover to serve food while also allowing you and your guests to enjoy the summer breeze.

Their connection to the house also makes them ideal for outdoor dining due to their closer proximity to indoor kitchens and food preparation areas compared to other outdoor structures. Many homes across Australia are vastly improved via the installation of custom designed and built verandahs.

At Burns and Blinds we offer a number of options for custom verandahs that can be tailored specifically to your home. We offer a robust range of options including curved roof verandahs, louvres and hip roof verandahs.

Illuminate your amazing space

Outdoor lighting can totally transform an entertainment area. It can add ambiance, highlight trees, define different areas and even keep you safe by indicating stairs and other potential trip hazards. It is recommended that you opt for a variety of fittings and sizes. This helps to make the space a lot more interesting and atmospheric. It is important however, to ensure that any lighting fittings that you install outside are rated for outdoor use. Poorly rated fittings can be extremely dangerous to you and your family, so if you are in doubt you should ask a professional electrician for their expertise.

If you’d like to use one of our shade solutions mentioned above to help you create the ultimate outdoor entertaining space, contact us for a FREE measure and quote so we can find the perfect fit and finish to suit your home.