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5 reasons to love timber venetians

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Timber venetian blinds are an incredibly refined and elegant window furnishing that has a lot of great benefits when installed in your home. Let’s look at 5 reasons you ought to adore timber venetians.

Great Light Control

Timber venetian blinds give you amazing light control in any space you choose to install them in.

They also give you a high degree of privacy.

The blades can be angled at any degree between fully open and fully shut so that you can fill the room with as much or as little light as you want. If you want maximum light, you can draw the blinds up entirely.

Very little maintenance required

Timber venetian blinds are one of the lowest maintenance window furnishings you can get. They don’t even need to be washed to stay looking incredible, all you need to do is use a duster or cloth to wipe them down occasionally. That’s it, no more maintenance required!

Versatility in design

Timber venetian blinds look amazing in pretty much any home they are installed in and can create a multitude of aesthetic looks to suit your interior décor. At Burns for Blinds, we provide our timber venetians in a range of different widths and types of wood so that you have unrivalled freedom of choice when it comes to selecting the perfect fit and finish for your home.

Ease of installation

Another great benefit of timber venetian blinds is that they’re incredibly easy to get installed in your home. Because we custom make your blinds to order, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they will fit snugly in your space.

Value adding

The inclusion of some beautiful timber venetians in your home will raise its value for prospective

buyers. This is because all the benefits of this type of window furnishing are highly attractive to home buyers.


If you’re interested in installing one of our timber venetians in your home, feel free to call us on (08) 8131 3333 or contact us online today!

Alternatively, you can always come and see our range of window furnishings in person at one of our Adelaide showrooms.



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