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6 Reasons to Install Invisi-Gard Security Doors

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Is your home protected?

Fences, alarm systems, or perhaps even a big guard dog are probably what come to mind when most people think about security for their homes.

There are many ways to protect your home. However, installing security doors is a highly effective yet easily overlooked way to deter burglars from entering your home.

And when it comes to security doors with proven results, Invisi-gard security doors must be top of the list.

Thieves typically seek out easy targets, which means that you can greatly diminish the chances of a successful burglary by making the entry point much harder to get past. If you haven’t been thinking about installing security doors in your business or home, here are the top 5 reasons you should use Invisi-gard security doors in your home.

#1 - Invisi-gard is noticeably more durable than regular doors

Invisi-gard security doors are more robust and durable than standard doors. With the beauty of aluminium and the strength of stainless-steel, Invisi-gard is your family’s peace of mind protection.

Both materials provide extra benefits that go beyond making it harder to break into your house or business premises.

A standard door might start showing signs of wear and might fail to effectively stand up to the elements over time, but an Invisi-gard security door lasts as long as the house does.

If painted, it might require a fresh coat of paint after extended periods of time, but it definitely will not show signs of wear and tear to the extent that a standard aluminium, timber, or fiberglass door might.

#2 - Invisi-gard maximises style while increasing safety

When it comes to Invisi-gard security doors, you are by no means limited on the appearance or even forced to an ugly metal slab that’s unappealing.

Interior designer Gary Hamer agrees. “Your front door doesn’t have to look like a bank vault—Invisi-gard doors and screens can be customised to suit your home’s decor and style.

These days, security doors come in all kinds of materials and designs to suit any home style.

You can easily secure your home without the need to sacrifice curb appeal.”

Invisi-gard security doors come in a wide variety of options – with the option of security windows or screens also available. If you have non-standard door shapes or sizes, security doors can be custom made for any fit and size.

Looking to learn more about how an Invisi-gard security screen or door can beautify your home? Chat to the experts at Burns For Blinds today!

#3 - Invisi-gard adds value to your home

Besides matching your property’s aesthetics, Invisi-gard security doors also help increase its value.

If you invest in your property’s security as well as its appearance, there won’t be any need for you to replace the doors for the lifetime of the property, which immediately improves its value.

It is particularly true if the property is situated in a neighbourhood with many break-ins. Potential buyers will definitely be drawn to purchasing a property they feel safer in.

#4 - Invisi-gard secures your entire property

When thinking about security doors, one common assumption is that the front door is the only point of entry that requires reinforcement.

However, if you have a back patio enclosure, it can be a good idea to also install a double or single security door at that point of entry. Burglars don’t always target the front door and will often try to find vulnerabilities and other entrance possibilities such as a window that’s slightly ajar.

The custom house design team at All Image Architects believe these additional security measures gives you peace of mind and improves the quality of your life. Their advice? “Make it harder for burglars to gain entry at secondary points of entry by installing a quality safety screen or mesh. It’s a simple way to make it difficult for them to enter your house at all points of entry."

#5 - Invisi-gard can protect your patio too

If you install an Invisi-gard security door on your back patio enclosure you will enjoy the additional benefits of enhanced privacy, climate control, insect and pest control, as well as the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your property is protected back, front, and from all angles.

Your security doors don’t always have to be solid either. You have a wide variety of security door types and screens that you can choose from that will best suit the function and context of various spaces around your property.

#6 - Invisi-gard are quality security doors and screens

When it comes to choosing a security door, particularly for an outdoor patio enclosure or another easy point of access, you need to get a door that’s capable of holding up in case of an attempted burglary.

Enter Invisi-gard.

Glass can be reinforced for security, with the specialists at Mark Rogerson Glass explaining, “if money is not an issue, you can install laminated triple-pane glass for your security door. Not only can it delay or prevent unwanted entry, it can make your glass door safer by holding broken pieces together when accidents or natural disasters occur.”

But glass can be smashed if home-invaders have the motivation. Whereas Invisi-gard security doors and screens off quality protection and a lasting peace of mind.

For maximum security, you should ensure that your door of choice has been tested to withstand at least 5 different types of break-ins, for example:

  • pull test
  • jimmy test
  • knife shear
  • dynamic impact
  • probe resistant

This will ensure that your property is protected from the most commonly used methods of breaking in.

The door might be the easiest entry point, but picking the lock is one of the most popularly used ways by criminals to enter houses unlawfully. To ensure that the lock to your house is picked, you need to ensure that you have the strongest lock available.


It is quite evident based on the information presented here that installing a security door makes complete sense or many different levels. If you wish to install a security door in your business or home, get in touch with the team at Burns For Blinds for a FREE measure and quote.


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