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How to use stylish and durable timber venetians in your home

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Timber venetians are a very popular window furnishing choice for many Australians because they bring together a perfect mix of aesthetic quality, durability, function and ease of maintenance. However, it’s certainly true that some rooms in your property may benefit more from a set of timber venetians than others – depending on your lifestyle and at-home preferences.

The following will take a look at each of the major rooms in your house to determine if they are ideal for timber venetians. Remember; Burns for Blinds is ready and eager to help you understand how best to implement the products we supply, so that you can make the most informed choice possible!

Living room

You have the most amount of freedom when it comes to selecting blinds for your living room since the furnishing you select isn’t being influenced by another factor - such as the presence of moisture and/or heat. If you are trying to create a warm and natural feel to the space, then timber venetians are going to be superior to other materials as nothing can beat the authentic feeling of wood furnishings.

Timber venetians will give your living room a vintage appeal but can be combined with minimalist, modern décor to create a look that is contemporary. Just because you’re using wood doesn’t mean you’re limited in colour choice, as there several wood tones to choose from - such as the North American Cedar or painted finishes we offer at Burns for Blinds.

Kitchen and bathroom

Choosing window furnishings for your kitchen and bathroom(s) needs more consideration that other rooms since there will usually be a lot of heat and moisture in these spaces. Even if you don’t cook often, steam from appliances like dishwashers and kettles can still, over time, cause the depredation of wooden slats which will begin to show signs of water damage and become a darker colour. This is why we offer Visionwood venetians as although they look like timber venetians, they are constructed from high grade PVC and are resistant to moisture. They will give you the same look and functionality as timber venetians but made with a material that won’t be damaged by moisture or heat.

Bedrooms and study areas

Just like your living room, bedrooms and office/study spaces in your home are going to give you more freedom when it comes to your aesthetic choices for window furnishings. Timber venetians are a highly popular choice in adult bedrooms and studies where people want to wind down in a warm and cosy space, rather than with a synthetic material that may feel more clinical.

Timber venetians are the perfect choice for a dedicated library/reading room in your home. They are also a great choice for kids’ bedrooms as they are durable against playtime mishaps and come in cordless options that remove any potential choking hazard for small children.

As you can see, there are plenty of great implementations for timber venetians in your home.

If you’re interested in installing a set of timber venetians, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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