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5 great reasons to use cellular blinds in your home

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When you’re going through the sometimes-agonising process of selecting the semi-permanent fixtures and furnishings in your home, your blinds are always a key concern. Your choice is always going to be informed by several factors including their aesthetic style as well as their practical utility as a privacy, light control and insulation solution for your space.

While you may be attracted to the simplicity of traditional slatted window furnishings, this article will take a look at 5 solid reasons you might want to invest in cellular blinds (AKA honeycomb blinds) for your interior spaces.

First of all, what are cellular blinds?

Cellular blinds are made from individual fabric layers that are connected at their pleats to form ‘cells’ that are visually reminiscent of a honeycomb, hence their nickname ‘honeycomb blinds’. They are highly distinguishable from all other window furnishings on the market and their structure confers a number of inherent advantages over other options.

1. Excellent light control

Of course, the primary function of your blinds is to allow you easy control of how much sunlight is entering your windows and illuminating your interior space. Cellar blinds have a lot of versatility depending on the fabric you select, the colour you select, and how many individual cells you have. There are options that run the spectrum from gentle light filtration to total blackout – the choice is yours.

2. Aesthetic flexibility

There are lots of ways to customise your cellular shades order so that you get an installation that’s perfectly suited to your needs. No matter what kind of interior décor or decorating style you are going with, you can find a suitable shade and fabric for your cellular blinds. They have an extra style factor in that they can be opened from the bottom upwards, unlike traditional blinds which can only be opened from the top down.

3. Enhanced privacy

In the age of privately-piloted drones and live-streaming smartphones, people are taking privacy more seriously when considering window furnishings for their homes. When it comes to achieving a total visual block, or even just mildly obfuscating the view from the outside-in, cellular blinds are one of the best options you can get.

4. Superior insulation & energy benefits

Cellular blinds are excellent in the summertime when you want to block out unwanted heat that passes through your glass windows and causes you to turn up your aircon. These blinds will shield your interiors by trapping the heat within their cells and stopping it from continuing on to circulate around your home.

On the flipside, your cellular blinds will also better insulate your home from cold air during the winter months as well as preventing warm air escaping your premises. A bonus from this is that you won’t have to use your aircon as aggressively in extreme weather, meaning you will save on your power bill and lessen your carbon footprint.

5. Simple care

Lastly, cellular blinds are very easy to maintain with routine vacuuming or dusting. For a through clean, they can also be washed by hand with warm soapy water.

There you have it, 5 excellent reasons to consider installing cellular blinds in your home. If you are interested in using this window furnishing, get in touch with our friendly team for a

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