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Have you considered the benefits of vertical blinds?

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Posted by Burns for Blinds

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Vertical blinds! They’re just like regular blinds, except they hang vertically rather than horizontally. This fact can definitely change your purchase decision depending on your preferences when it comes to design, colour and placement in your home.

Let’s examine some of the benefits of using vertical blinds to decorate your interior spaces so that you can maximise their aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Easy to maintain

While the difference here isn’t astounding, it’s undoubtedly true that vertical blinds are easier to clean than horizontal alternatives due to the way they hang. Simply put, they are less likely to build-up with dust and debris because they won’t be acting like a platform to collect on, and they are also much easier for you to wipe clean (wiping up and down rather than side to side).

Easier to protect against damage

While vertical blinds are simple to clean, they are also easier to prevent damage or destruction. This is because they can be pushed all the way to the side, getting them out of the way when you want maximum sun exposure.

While you can roll up traditional blinds and even use motorisation to make them more convenient, this is a little easier with vertical blinds. These blinds enable you to protect them both from sun damage and being knocked into (by a child or pet for example).

They make the room look taller

If you have any form of rudimentary fashion sense, then you’d probably understand the style science that horizontal stripes make someone look fatter while vertical lines make them look taller and slimmer. This is no different when it comes to your home decoration!

Vertical blinds are going to make whatever room you put them in feel much taller as if the space between the floor and the ceiling has magically expanded while you weren’t looking. The effect is subtle but subconsciously noticed and appreciated, so it makes a excellent weekend renovation that house guests might not recognise straight away but will comment that the room ‘feels a little bigger’.

BONUS BENEFIT: You can colour-match your vertical blinds to your walls, meaning that they can seamlessly blend with the rest of the room when you have them shut. This gives the appearance of an entirely windowless room, which could be perfect for creating a new art or meditation space in your home.

At Burns for Blinds, we can help you with supplying, installing, and colour-matching your vertical blinds. If you’re interested in using vertical blinds for your home, get in touch with us for your FREE measure and quote.


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