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How to use awnings in your home

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Awnings are exterior furnishings that work to offset the amount of sunlight (and heat) that radiates into your home through a glass window. When an awning is installed, it can reduce up to around 80% of heat that reaches your windows, which means that hot summers spent indoors will be much more tolerable for you and your family.

The fact that awnings can reduce so much of the heat that transfers into your home means that they will also reduce your energy costs. You won’t need to switch on the AC nearly as often when you have awnings protecting the inside of your home from the outside heat.

On the flipside, awnings are also going to give your windows more insulation and protection from harsh wind/rain. Basically, awnings are an accessory that enhances the ability of your windows to filter out hot and cold air so that you can enjoy a comfortable temperature inside, all-year-round.

Types of awnings

Let’s take a look at the different types of awnings and how each of their

designs/mechanisms offer various benefits.

Folding Arm Awnings – Folding arm awnings, also known as ‘retractable awnings’, can be folded in on themselves when you are not using them, allowing you to let in the sun and heat when it’s desirable. They come in lots of stylish colours and materials and can even be motorised for greater operating convenience.

Self Locking Awnings –Self-locking awnings are highly durable and have the benefit of auto-locking arms that can hold position anywhere down the guide rods. They operate very smoothly and can be rolled away into a headbox when not being used.

Pivot Arm Awnings –Pivot arm is another awning system that varies in how the open/close mechanism functions. The pivoting arm can be controlled via crank, motorisation, or an internal winch.

Auto-Lock Awnings – System 2000 Auto-Lock awnings have won the Australian Design Award for its materials and functionality, being recognised as one of the most ergonomically designed awnings on the market.

Canopy Awnings – Canopy awnings have a skeletal aluminium wireframe that then has the fabric applied over it. They offer a unique, Victorian-era charm that’s perfect to set your home or business apart.

Alpha Awnings – Alpha awnings bring a sleek, minimalist look that makes them perfect for newly-built homes with a more modern design aesthetic. They come in a straight drop, side retention, pivot arm, cable guide and deep channel varieties – they can also be motorised or crank-operated.

Now that you know what kind of awnings there are to select from; have a think about your home lifestyle and what other factors may influence your decision. Installing/removing an awning system is going to be more involved than a set of blinds or another window furnishing, so make sure you’re really sure about what you want before you commit.

At Burns for Blinds, we carry all of the above types of awnings with several different fabric, colour and installation options for you to choose from. If you’d like to see which kind of awning is the best fit for your home, get in touch to book a FREE measure and quote.


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