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Recently, we’ve noticed a significant shift in demand for our Australian-made PVC plantation shutters. When you consider how they transform interiors, their affordability, and the fact they have a 2-3 week turnaround, it’s really no surprise why they’ve grown to become one of our most popular products.

If you’ve bought or are thinking about purchasing plantation shutters for your home, then the following guide will instruct you on how best use curtains with them.

Make sure your curtains are both tall and wide around the shutters.

One of the most high-priority considerations for pairing curtains with other window furnishings is making sure that they don’t conflict with one another. The last thing you would want is for your curtains to end up obscuring your fantastic new plantation shutters and/or making them difficult to open and close.

Make sure that you use a curtain rod of and adequate length so that you can quickly move the curtains to the side so that they don’t cover up any part of your plantation shutters. It’s a good idea to mount the rod as close to the ceiling as possible and have the curtains fall from this height. This will ultimately give the impression of a taller window and eliminate awkward gaps.

Use complementary colours and patterns.

Deciding on the size and shape of your curtains is essential for a good pairing with your plantation shutters; the colour and pattern of said curtains is equally critical. If you have achieved a uniform aesthetic in the space, you don’t want to use a set of curtains that are entirely out-of-character for that particular room.

Making sure your curtains fit in with your plantation shutters and the room at large is not too difficult when you sit down to think about it. Take note of the hues you have already used in the space and do some experimenting with different shades until you get the perfect match.

If you are using patterned curtains, then make sure the pattern fits with the aesthetic of the room. For example, you shouldn’t pair overly-elegant floral curtains if you did not incorporate similarly decorative elements anywhere else in the interior design.

Hopefully the above gives you some helpful insight into how to select a set of curtains to pair with plantation shutters. If you are thinking about using plantation shutters in your home, contact us so we can help you find the perfect style and fit for your home.


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