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Enhance Your Alfresco Area with Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds

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Posted by Burns for Blinds

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If you want to do more entertaining at home, then sprucing up your outdoor alfresco area is a great idea. With a few key improvements, you can make your outdoor space the new hottest social dining spot in the neighbourhood.

One of the ways our customers are making their outdoor areas more comfortable is with the fantastic Ziptrak blinds that we have in stock. When installed, these blinds create a stylish look that’s practical in terms of keeping out the elements and being easy-to-use.

With a set of these durable outdoor blinds, you won’t have to reschedule precious catchup gatherings due to intrusive weather like wind, rain, or harsh sunlight. At Burns for Blinds, we stock both Clear PVC and Shadeview Ziptrak products.

Both the Clear PVC and Shadeview options have their own unique benefits, and the choice is yours as to which suits your outdoor entertaining style more. The transparent PVC blinds give you protection from the elements like UV light, wind, and rain – all without obstructing the view. In contrast, a Shadeview fabric installation will give greater light control and privacy benefits.

If you simply want convenient light control and privacy for outdoor entertaining in the Summer, then the Shadeview Ziptrak blinds are a great way to go. However, if you want the most robust protection against year-round weather without the view being obstructed, then the Clear PVC blinds are superior.

No matter which type of material you go with, you’ll love the signature ease-of-use that the Ziptrak system offers. The effortless pull down and push up functionality means that you won’t need to fiddle with any complicated mechanisms to make your guests comfortable.

Even if you have a high ceiling in your alfresco area, the Ziptrak pull stick makes it easy for anyone to operate the blinds (it can also be used to pull the blinds back up for those who want to avoid unnecessary bending).

The specially designed slotted track allows for the blinds to seamlessly glide up and down to any length you desire. Overall, the Ziptrak system is much less strenuous to use than others, such as those that are operated with a crank mechanism.

If you want to do away with manual operation altogether, both types of Ziptrak blinds can be motorised if you so choose. With motorised Ziptrak blinds, setting a comfortable mood for outdoor entertaining is as simple as pushing a button. We offer both Alpha and Somfy motorisation options, who are both known for their reliability and value.

If you have any questions about Ziptrak blinds and what kind of installation is best suited to your outdoor entertaining needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.


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