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Alpha M awnings are quickly becoming the hottest new outdoor shade solution across Australia.

Why? Because they utilise the nation’s first magnetic retention system, specifically tailored to suit the harsh weather conditions here in Australia.

Having the ability to span up to 6500mm in width and 4000mm in height, the Alpha M awning truly is an industry leading product for big spanning areas. Its unique magnetic retention system ensures no waving of the fabric, but instead provides a tight, clean look no matter what the width of the Alpha M Awning is. What’s so great about magnetic retention? It works via the application of powerful neodymium magnets on either side of the fabric so that they pull against each other, leveraging the power of magnetism to keep the fabric perfectly taut and flat. This means that when you lower your Alpha M awning, the fabric will snap neatly into place and will continue to look great the entire time you have it lowered.

Another great feature of this product is that it can self-correct any blow outs with the fabric. When you raise it above where the blow-out has occurred and then lower it back down, the magnets work to pull the fabric tight again.

They are also highly resistant to strong winds. This is because of the magnetised track system that floats inside each of the side channels, giving the fabric the ability to move and withstand the pressure of a strong wind while retaining a smooth, flat appearance.

What makes them so resistant to harsh weather? Alpha M awnings are made with special fibreglass sunscreen fabric. Basically, this type of fabric has a core of fibreglass, making it much stronger and more resistant to tearing compared to traditional polyester.

It’s known as a ‘sunscreen fabric’ because of its ability to block out extreme solar heat and ultra- violet rays. It’s also incredibly resistant to colour fading, having been extensively tested over long periods in some of the harshest Australian environments.

Alpha M awnings have a clean, efficient look to them that perfectly suits any modern Australian home. They’re particularly impactful for vacation and seaside properties where they can be used to protect outdoor areas from harsh wind and rain, allowing gatherings to continue uninterrupted by the weather. The insulating properties of this product also improve the energy efficiency of homes it’s installed in.

There are several different installation options available to suit different preferences and budgets, ranging from the entry-level straight drop style to the more deluxe deep channel and alpha side retention system.

The higher-tier options for Alpha M awnings allow you to completely enclose a space and enjoy maximum resistance to UV light, wind, heat, and even insects. When used to enclose areas like patios and balconies, they essentially create an extra room where you can enjoy total privacy and comfort.

At Burns for Blinds, we supply Alpha M awnings that are custom made to order with a 3-year warranty. We also give you a range of operating mechanisms to choose from including manual and fully motorised.

If you’re interested in Alpha M awnings for your home or business, get in touch with our friendly team to book your free measure and quote!


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