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An increasingly popular option with Australian homeowners, combo roller blinds offer an incredible amount of flexibility as window treatments. Their unique design incorporates two fabrics that hang across the same space but are independently operated through a shared mechanism.

One is made from a blockout fabric that prevents light from passing through it, while the other one is made from a sheer fabric that filters light entering the room. This gives you the ability to use both in concert to achieve the ideal level of coverage that you want.

Combo roller blinds give you unrivalled light control benefits, allowing you to block out or allow in as much light as you want to. Their high level of adaptability makes them perfect additions to main living areas or bedrooms where you may want different levels of natural light depending on what you are doing in that room.

As a light control solution, combo roller blinds allow you to fully optimise the way you use a space 365 days a year. They are extremely beneficial during the hot summer months, especially when you choose to install them with a sunscreen material that protects against ultraviolet rays. This not only protects the living occupants of the home, but also safeguards textiles, furniture, and other items that can become faded due to sun exposure.

Of course, the added layer of insulation that this double configuration provides makes your home even more energy-efficient than it would be with just one layer. They really do double all the benefits of regular window treatments.

The enhanced light control functionality of combo roller blinds also extends to the amount of privacy they provide. Having the ability to control both the blockout and sheer layers independently allows you to adjust them such that you still benefit from natural light while obscuring the view of anyone looking inside.

Combo roller blinds not only have great functionality, but they are also versatile in their aesthetic appeal. There is a robust array of different colours, textures, and fabric types for you to choose from,allowing you to create the ideal configuration that matches your interiors and achieves theatmosphere you desire.

Combo roller blinds are also incredibly easy to use and maintain. When choosing your installation,you have multiple options for the opening/closing mechanism, ranging from a manual chain to motorised button control. They can also be fitted on face or in the reveal depending on how deep your reveals are.

As a window treatment, they are very durable with a sturdy double bracket system built with top-quality steel. Cleaning them is a breeze, and you will be able to enjoy trouble-free operation with them for years and years.

At Burns for Blinds, we have the ultimate offering for combo roller blinds. You can choose from a broad range of stunning Australian-made fabrics and colour-matched accessories that enable us to provide you with a custom-fit that adheres to your exact styling requirements.

If you’re eager to get the versatility of combo roller blinds in your home, contact our friendly team today to book your free measure and quote!


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