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Building a New Home?

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Posted by Burns for Blinds

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Off the plan purchasing has been a popular choice for investors and new homeowners alike, and we have recognized this and believe it should be no different when it comes to blinds. Building a new home is something that is always going to be exciting, as well as stressful for many new homeowners.

Many people nowadays are looking for other “off the plan” options that they can pursue, considering the success of many off the plan properties that are being bought up. A popular option here at Burns for Blinds, is the Off the Plan quoting for blinds. We have a whole department set up specifically for those new homeowners and renovators who would like to look into options for blinds, awnings and security shutters and doors in their new homes. Our Off the Plan specials department understands that building a new home is a process that needs to be planned out and organized efficiently in order for there to be a timeline and most importantly a budget that can be followed.

Part of this includes factoring in the costs to do with a house, including blinds.

We provide quoting and price lock-ins for 12 months in order to help our customers budget correctly for their homebuilding timeline. This means that they can first of all, take a look and see how much it would cost in general to install blinds, awnings or security shutters and doors into their home.

Secondly, they will be able to see how this price would be compared to other competitors on the market, and they will be able to ensure that the price they are paying represents excellent value with all factors considered. Moreover, they will be able to properly organize their budget in accordance to the costs.

There are varied blinds available for both indoor and outdoor environments.

For indoors, some of these may include Veri Shades which are trendy and contemporarily designed products that also bring functionality to your home.

Available in a number of different colours including white, anodized, gunmetal and black, you are sure to find some that will fit in well with your interior design for your future home. The functionality they bring includes being fade resistant, UV stabilised and offering UV protection of 50+ SPF. For outdoor blinds, you could look at the classic design and functions of roller shutters, which are tried and proven products that have provided sun protection for years now and will keep the temperature bearable during those hot summer days. Their applications know no bounds and can be used for not only residential purposes but also for commercial ones such as for businesses.

At Burns for Blinds, our Off the Plan quoting can greatly assist future homeowners who need guidance in terms of their budget and cost allocations, as well as being able to provide top notch products which keep on top of the current market trends and advances in technology. Do not hesitate to get in contact with us for an Off the Plan quote for your blinds and make your future dream home a reality!


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