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Stylish curtains: Current popular trends on the curtain market

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One of the biggest choices that homeowners have to make is what types of curtains they want to install. As technology progresses, the design and functionality of curtains have also advanced and new products are continuously released on the market. With these changes, what is considered to be popular and ‘mainstream’ also changes, as the public perception shifts. We have come to know these as trends, and in almost every facet of a property, there will be different products with their own designs and functions which become ‘trendy’ and popular. A consistent choice which we have always seen popularity with would be ‘S Fold Curtains’, aptly named for their design in which the curtains fold into an S shape and continues as long as the window it is covering. S Fold curtains are popular in their functionality for being able to open and close very smoothly. Their design creates a soft look with a flowing, and almost wavy, effect across the window when it is closed. They are particularly good at adding a soft touch to a room and improving ambience.

The market is always changing, and new trends that have popped up include sheer curtains, which pool around the ground. Traditionally, sheer curtains would usually sit slightly above the ground, and this style is still very popular and has been trendy for quite some time now. However, more and more people are choosing to have their curtains sit on the ground in order to create an aesthetic effect that can give off an ‘airy’ feeling and make a room seem more comfortable and inviting.

Interior design is everything for a home, and some rooms need to give off a vibe in order to be truly complete. Using sheer curtains can help, for example, to make a living room look cozier and inviting, which is very important for this specific part of the house. As mentioned previously, technology is always advancing, and while many people will choose to follow the traditional path of curtains, many will go for a modernized house with modern functions. This can be shown in the form of motorized curtains, which can be opened and closed through the touch of a button. As the world adapts to increasing convenience through technology, the curtains industry is no different.

Homeowners wish to make their home more comfortable, accessible and convenient, and what better way to do that then opening and closing curtains by remote or button? The wow factor of course plays into this, and it really shows off a home as being modern, comfortable and even futuristic to some extent!

At Burns for Blinds, we understand the current market trends and are sure to be able to help you find the right options for your home. We offer all of the products mentioned, and we encourage you to browse through our range of high-quality installations.

If you are keen to get some curtains installed into your home, contact our professional team now to book a free quote!


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