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All You Need to Know About Basswood Plantation Shutters

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The first thing that a passer-by sees when the first lays eyes on your home the type of blinds you have for your windows. One of the most sought out for and precious items is, low and behold – the basswood plantation shutters. This is one of the last few naturally occurring shutters existing. The robust and moisture-resistant material is one of the most popular choices for stained interior shutters, making it the best plantation shutters South Australia has on offer. There are various reasons why people purchase this product, such as its durability, among many others. For all these reasons, you can’t go wrong with these blinds added to your home.

Basswood plantation shutters come from the Tilia tree, a famous tree frequently sported in Northern America. This tree grows incredibly huge and sprouts up rapidly. This bark from the tree was also used for its malleability, making items such as ropes, bandages, and rugs. This tree is long- lasting and highly durable, with the ability to live as long as 2000 years old. The bark found in this tree has a cream-coloured outside layer and transitions to a deeper red as it gets to the middle. This natural source is also known as the bee tree due to its popularity with the bees. Before its development in the furnishing industry, these barks were used for various purposes, such as clothes weaving to creative activities such as sculpting, puppetry, and even making musical instruments. These plantation shutters are found to add cosiness and warmth to any property. These naturally occurring blinds are with a rich, high-quality material you cannot get with synthetic materials.

The material found in these plantation shutters is popular among homeowners due to its consistent, straight texture and high grain. This wood is much lighter than composite wood shutters; therefore, it will not be affected by the moisture in the air. It is also a renewable resource, making it suitable for conserving energy and is good for the environment. As the natural material is soft and light, they are perfect plantation shutters, giving you a fantastic finish to make your windows look appealing to visitors. They are highly popular among homebuyers, with these plantation shutters boosting the market value for your property. They are perfect for shutting out noise or light, hence why it is the best choice for your household. They are vital as it is vastly dense and creates a lot of shade, keeping the light out of your room. Due to the uniformity in its shading, this quality makes it perfect for stained plantation shutters, giving it a beautiful finish. They have such a beautiful appearance and equality, making them the most attractive choice for blinds.

At Burns for Blinds, we take pride in ensuring you have the best materials to lay upon your windows. We encourage you to peruse through our selection of the best basswood plantation shutters we have on offer.

If you are interested in having these blinds in your home, please feel free to get in touch with our team today to book a free quote!


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