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3 Tips On Enhancing Your Outdoor Living Space With Elegance

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Posted by Burns for Blinds

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At Burns For Blinds, we pride ourselves on being the optimal choice for enhancing and beautifying your indoor and outdoor living spaces with a wide range of incredibly diverse and practical solutions – regardless of the look and style you’re aiming for. If you’re moving into a new home, or upgrading your existing aesthetic, there are numerous ways to give your home the stylish edge you’re looking for.

While we cover businesses and homes alike, this blog will be primarily about the 3 most inventive ways you can bring a spark into your outdoor living space that will be sure to turn heads in the right way.

1. Bring The Café To You

Its not uncommon to find yourself on the verandah or front porch on a Sunday morning with a newspaper and a cup of coffee to start the day – its also not uncommon to be entertaining guests in the backyard outdoor living area on a warm summer evening. One of the classic headaches befalling many Australians in the days gone by has been the operation of older exterior blinds that were clunky, unreliable and stiff as a board.

Bringing the convenience and elegance of your local café to your own outdoor living has never been easier thanks to solutions like Clear Ziptrak Blinds that offer protection from the elements and UV rays with the convenience you’ve been waiting for. The lightweight and easy-to-use system has been lauded as the saviour of backyard BBQ’s and is an essential consideration for those who want to ‘wow’ their guests. Even in the scorching sun or bucketing rain, you can rest easy, and keep the beautiful view unobscured.

2. Add A Spark Of Modernity

Of course, it’s not all about practicalities when it comes to enhancing your outdoor living aesthetic.

There is plenty of demand for having a home that oozes chic and elegance and there are many ways to approach it, particularly if you are in the process of renovating. We’ve noticed that the demand for our range of subtle and beautiful Alpha Awnings have been particularly popular with modern homes and for those looking for a contemporary solution to the harsh Australian weather.

Particularly suited for outdoor living areas that have a high exposure to harsh UV rays and direct sunlight, these wonderfully innovative options are a surefire way to add gravitas to your exterior without much effort.

3. Playing With Palettes

A very fun trend that we have noticed in modern design and outdoor living options has been the increased playfulness people are having with colours and intersections of different palettes. The old- fashioned colour mixes are on their way out and strikingly bold and incredibly beautiful new mixtures are beginning to become more and more popular in design.

If you have a neutral colour palette in the house already, consider adding a layer of striking and incredible colour to your new blinds or awnings to give your outdoor living space a newfound flavour.


At Burns For Blinds, we believe that your interior and outdoor living aesthetic should be beautiful, modern, and convenient – keep these tips in mind when browsing our site and imagine the possibilities.


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