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Motorisation for indoor blinds


Get excited! The ability to automate blinds inside your home is truly amazing – and when it's this easy to adjust them, you won't believe how often you do. Adding motorised control to your interior blinds is the simplest way to change how you use your space – quite simply, it changes the way you live inside your home.

Adjusting your interior blinds from the comfort of your lounge is a sophisticated indulgence... are you ready?

Which interior blinds styles can be motorised?

Burns for Blinds exciting range of interior blinds including roller blindsroman blindscellular shadeswhisper shadessunscreens and venetians – aluminium or Woodmates®  can all be motorised inside the home.

Why add motorisation inside the home?

By adding motorisation to your interior blinds, there is no need for unsightly cords or chains as is the case with a manual system. A young family will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing there is no chance of children becoming tangled in these dangerous cords.

Consider the following when in comes to motorising interior blinds:

  • Existing or brand new window coverings or can motorised
  • Installation is as quick as manually operated blinds
  • Quiet and smooth in operation
  • No need for unsightly cords and chains as is the case with a manual system
  • Wirefree motors can be battery or solar powered if connection to mains power is not possible
  • Optional interior sun sensor provides additional benefits – which can ‘wake up’ the house
  • Flexible range of control options includes wall mounted units, remote control or via the amazing Somfy myLink and TahomaTM One apps on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Offers increased flexibility in terms of privacy, shading and managing natural light
  • Improves energy efficiency by keeping your house cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Your blinds are protected – automatic override function kicks in if someone inadvertently attempts to open or close a blind manually 




  • Somfy
  • Ziptrak
  • Heroal
  • Invisigard
  • Victory